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Our Story

Founders Joe Cross and Will Ricker, apart from being two straight talking, down-to-earth blokes, have something else in common – juice saved their lives. Joe, was diagnosed with a debilitating illness, and weighed more than 135kg when he turned to juicing – the result, he lost 35kg and his illness vanished – as shown in Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Restaurateur Will discovered he was diabetic and turned to superfood juices to help him. He learnt to control his sugar cravings and lost over 12kg.
In founding The Juice Well, they are on a mission to encourage you to think about what you’re putting into your body and eat more plants. Join the juice revolution. 

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 What is Coldpress?

What is raw cold pressed juice? Now listen up, here comes the science bit. In cold pressed juices the plants cells are crushed slowly to release the nutrients without altering, heating or destroying them in any way. Nutrients are delicate and sensitive to heat and light so they will always be damaged by pasteurisation. At The Juice Well we use a cold press system to extract the juice from the cellulose. This system optimises the extraction process, enabling us to get the most nutrients out of raw vegetables and fruit. Once we have juiced the plant food, their micronutrients are easily absorbed into your system. Because the ingredients are raw and in their natural state, your  body understands the synergy between the nutrients and can process them effectively. If you were to put these nutrients in a pill you could never orchestrate all the enzymes and all the phytonutrients and micronutrients to work together in the same way. It’s not reproducible. It is unique. Even if you were to eat your way through a kilo raw vegetables and fruit, (and who does that?) you still would not get the same incredibly high hit of nutrients. We don’t chew enough, and often our stomachs are not in good enough repair. So we can’t pull everything out of the vegetables and fruit that a cold press juicer can. This hit of nutrition can often kill hunger; give you an energy pick up that doesn’t drain you later. What The Juice Well offers is pure, turbo-charged plant nutrition, which your body immediately understands and easily absorbs. It’s nature’s way. Talk to us – we are here to advise you. Hungover, lacking energy, tired or ill? Tell us and we’ll prescribe the right juicing plan for you. We don’t preach. We are not a boot camp. We just want you discover the benefits of juicing and help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a Green and Lean girl or a Body Guard guy, pick up a bottle and fill your body with what it needs – pure and unadulterated health.

Our Experts

Meet the professionals who contribute their immense nutritional knowledge to The Juice Well. They’ve devised the recipes, packing in as much goodness as possible, and don’t forget we also have nutritionists on hand in-store to provide one-on-one advice.

Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

BA Hons, Dip Herb, ND Herbalist/Naturopath

Naturopath and healthy eating expert

Well-known for her youth-enhancing detox diets, Elizabeth is a naturopath, author and food and health expert who helps people make dietary and lifestyle changes that rejuvenate their health, looks and wellbeing. Elizabeth has run a highly successful alternative health clinic in Central London for over a decade, with clients including models, actors, celebrities and other public figures. She is passionate about changing people’s perceptions of healthy eating and is currently launching her own food ranges and running courses to teach cooking for optimum health.

Rhaya Jordan 

ND Herbalist/Naturopath

Naturopath, homeopath and nutritionist

Rhaya has been in practice for over 20 years, working in Sydney, Cairns and London in both private practice and as the Naturopathic Director of Blackmores UK. She’s trained doctors and worked alongside pharmacists in a diabetes specialist pharmacy in Australia and she taught for over eight years at University of Westminster. Rhaya currently delivers the B.Sc and M.Sc in Nutritional Science for Middlesex University, and is a Nutrition Coach with Reboot. Her long-term interest is in normalising our relationship to food, she loves raw juices and can’t remember the last time she went on a diet.


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Kick-start your long-term healthy living plan with a Juice Well card, charged up with goodness. Top-up the card just like your Oyster Card, and enjoy swift and easy juice pick ups, the benefits of juicing over a longer period, and take advantage of our Juice Well discounts. Charge up your card with: £100  – and receive 10% off our juices £250  – 10% off our juices plus free one day cleanse