Six juices a day for three days.

We develop and prepare all our products daily, with our Soho shop serving raw, enzyme rich food & juice. Alongside expert advice we have developed a range of signature cleanses. From the Rainbow cleanse to the Green cleanse, select and personalise the one that caters to you.

A cleanse is in keeping with the age old method of fasting, which has been demonstrated to improve health. We cold press on site in a bid to retain plant enzymes; assisting the digestive process and creating alkaline neutral cleanses that agree with the body’s natural PH. These enzymes can aid in the delivery of nutrients to your body,  boost immunity and assist in detoxing your liver, kidney & blood.

With the input of our trusted nutritionists and chefs we have come up with a suggested drinking order, but should you wish to vary this then feel free to. We recommend you drink all 6 bottles provided daily within two hour intervals to keep energy levels at a high. When treating your body to a cleanse we suggest you transition into it gradually by decreasing toxin levels found in caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol in the lead up.  For the best results, another top tip is to try to avoid meat, dairy, and processed foods such as bread and pasta, before you start. We also have great tonics to boost, alkalise, ease digestion and aid sleep. We are always at hand to provide information and support.

This is self-help in a bottle

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